Pinot for the People: Archery Summit Premier Cuvee 2010

Dining with my friend Taylor is always a culinary and palate-pleasing treat. Her allegiance to the finest of foods, including farm to table, organic, & sustainably grown local foods is awe-inspiring, while her elevated taste in wine always happily agrees with mine. So, as you can imagine, when our two minds meet in a restaurant, a gastronomic feast is sure to unfold. 

On this occasion, we dined at the hip and fabulously decorated Currant in downtown San Diego. From our Ahi tuna duo with serrano chili and capers to our perfectly seared duck breast and our well-chosen wine, we were like two Instagram geeks on steroids. Sadly, it was so dark, there wasn't a filter in the arsenal that could save our pictures. (And thus, I got reamed by photographer friends. They were so wretched in fact, that I deleted them from my Instagram and now I must give you a stock shot. My apologies and thank you to Archery Summit.) 

Archery Summit Premier Cuvee (2010): Full and lush with notes of blackberry, black cherry kirsch, Asian spice, cocoa, coffee, and pepper. Approachable and welcoming for both Pinot lovers and those just discovering the noble grape. For years, I have always recommended this wine as a great crossover for those opening their palates to Pinot or those previously married to California wines, but peering over to the other side of the fence. Go on, Cali wineophiles, try Oregon. It's a whole new world of wine.

 Photo from Archery Summit website

Photo from Archery Summit website

PS. For you geeks like me out there, the wine is a blend of six of their vineyards: 

Arcus Estate, Red Hills Estate, Renegade Ridge Estate, Archer’s Edge Estate and Archery Summit Estate in the Dundee Hills AVA, and Looney Vineyard located in the Ribbon Ridge AVA.


Posted on August 13, 2013 and filed under Wine.