Pink of the Week: Domaine Sorin Côtes de Provence

Welcome to a new year of my annual Pink of the Week series! For me, summer is simply not a proper summer without the joyful refreshment of rosé.  Try to tell me about a better poolside wine, evening porch wine, brunch wine (ok, besides Champagne!), or for that matter, a wine to convert box wine drinkers over to higher quality vino than the veritable rosé.

Last summer 2013, I reviewed (Click on each to see that review):

This year is an EXCITING lineup of all new pinks! First up Domaine Sorin Côtes de Provence:

Light salmon color with notes of white peach, lemon, mineral and fresh herbs. Bright and refreshing. At only $10, a great intro into Provence rosés. AND of course, perfect for poolside!
— me
Posted on July 28, 2014 .