The Summer of Rosé

I am personally declaring this "The Summer of Rosé." Calm down, my beer friends, I am still drinking deliciously crafted beers from our favorite brewers around the country. But I am also a wine drinker, and during these warm summer days, I vary in my tastes. Somedays I want a perfectly brewed pilsner or hop-laden IPA, and some days I want the bone-dry refreshing-ness of a beautiful rosé. And trust me if you've never had one, you are MISSING OUT. Most people (unfortunately) correlate rosé in their brain with that dreadfully sweet and paltry excuse for a wine, White Zinfandel. Allow me to assure you: There is very little these two have in common. So take a deep breath, and realize your favorite beer gal has not lost her ever lovin' mind.

White Zinfandel is sweet, sugary, and was made to assuage the insatiable sweet tooth of the American palate. Luckily, with the refinement of taste, through fabulous restaurants, and let's be honest, networks like Food Network, Cooking Channel, and the Travel Channel, this trend has thankfully gone the way of the dodo. (It still exists, but in far less restaurants than ever before)

On the opposite end, rosé is dry, crisp, refreshing, and refined. And quite simply, my go to "porch wine." So here we go:


2010 Domaine Sainte-Eugenie Corbières, 13% ABV: One word. Strawberries. Not on the vine, not freshly washed in your colander, not calling your name in the farmers market. This is pure macerated, squashed down to release all of the juices, strawberry. If you've ever made jam, you know to what I am referring. That beautiful explosion of fragrance when you crush the strawberries is so very different from smelling them any other way. Now squeeze a bit of lemon on those strawberries, and you've got this wine. Dry, but full of fruit, this is a easy party crowd pleaser.

Made from Cinsault and Syrah in the Languedoc region of France (read: massive bargain region of delicious small production wineries!), this wine is a STEAL and should be in all of your fridges.

Believe me, more than one is in mine...


Posted on July 15, 2012 and filed under France, Languedoc.