Is that BACON in my wine?

Well...not exactly. But in certain wines from the Rhône region of France, this Southern girl goes into la la land of Sunday mornings with bacon frying and biscuits in the oven. Actually...any and every memory involving those strips of decadence... 2007 Domaine Bouletin Vacqueyras: Smoked bacon (or pancetta), dry rub, violets, chunky earth, and pepper dominate. Good tannic structure. This is no light hearted wine. Packed with aromas and flavors, and a nice medium mouthfeel, this is an inexpensive way to experience the depth Rhône wines can achieve. (As an obsessed disciple of the Northern Rhône wines Hermitage and Côte-Rôtie, I love the heartiness of this Vacqueyras.)

And at $15.99, it is an insanely delicious deal. I think of the grocery-store range of unsatisfying domestic offerings at this price point, and I shudder. Soapbox moment: This is a wonderful example of why smaller, more artisanal-minded wine shops should be your marketplace. (You can find this yummy pleasure at Holiday Wines in Escondido, CA.)

So get out there folks. Be brave. Try wines that you can't pronounce. Do it because I said so.


Posted on February 13, 2012 and filed under France, Rhône, Wine.