Laurie's Whisky Pick: Monkey Shoulder

Think you don't like Scotch? Like so many drinkers I talk to, you might be thinking, "Scotch is too peaty, it's too lean, it's too _____(fill in blank)." I've even heard, "My wife won't drink it" or "women don't like they?"  I hear it all of the time in the restaurant industry. 

I even was shunned yesterday by a Scotch rep (not to be named) in lieu of the male manager present (he didn't even acknowledge my presence), because apparently I, the woman, couldn't possibly know anything about whisky, right? :)

Instead of getting angry, I just laughed it off. His loss.  Back to the whiskey.

This is YOUR crossover Scotch. I promise: 



Monkey Shoulder: 

Three single malt whiskies go into the blend, Glenfiddich, Balvenie, & Kininvie. Dangerously smooth and easy drinking, (Bourbon drinkers love it too) this Scotch is fantastic in a mixed cocktail or enjoyed on its own. A great intro whisky for those still not sure they like Scotch. With notes of peach, honey, vanilla, toffee, & spice, it's a must try.


Posted on September 18, 2013 .