Laurie's Whisky Pick: Tobermory 10

History buffs & Scotch lovers listen up! If you don't know Tobermory yet, it's time:

Located on the Isle of Mull, Tobemory is the only distillery on the island AND is the oldest commercial distillery in Scotland, built in 1798. A touch of history: First settled in 3000 BC by Neolithic farmers, the Isle of Mull has seen everything from Spanish galleons being blown up in it's bay to the yacht of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert to acting as a naval base during WWII! If islands could talk...

With over 215 years of experience under their belt, these guys know something about making exceptional Scotch. The 10 has no caramel added, and the taster gets the truest sense of aroma and flavor from the Tobermory.  

Tasting notes: Marine aromas of seagrass and salty air (making this girl dream of far-off bluffs and windswept beaches), alongside white flower, ginger, white peach, & lightly toasted oak. The palate is smooth, refined, and natural, making this an elegant choice anytime. Absolutely lovely.


Posted on October 11, 2013 .