The Flavor Project

I am excited to announce a new collaboration between myself and THE Craft beer expert, "Dr. Bill" Sysak! Join us every week asThe Flavor Project tests the genius of Mr. Masterpairings by presenting a variety of foods for a specialized Craft beer pairing. Tune in to see everything from organic farm-to table gourmet to guilty pleasure junk food, from breakfast delights to late night munchies, with "Dr. Bill" in the hot seat to give us the best beer pairings out there.  Who knows, we might even throw in a few wine and cigar pairings too...In short, you get to use an expert's mind to kick all of your eating adventures up a notch with the perfect pairing!

AND, you can test "Dr. Bill" too! Is there a food out there you have always wondered how to pair? Send your photos and questions into us at, subject line "The Flavor Project" for a special featured posting on The Promiscuous Palate and Instagram or post & describe your picture on Instagram, follow & tag "sandiegobeer" and "masterpairings", AND hashtag #flavorproject. 



Ready? Check Instagram at "sandiegobeer", Facebook, & Twitter @100beers30days & @masterpairings for today's first food challenge! LetThe Flavor Project begin. 

Bon Appetit & Cheers!

Posted on February 4, 2014 .