On the Ninth Day of Christmas...

My true love gave to me... Scaldis Noel!

Heads up, people. This is not your daytime NFL or Bowl game-watchin' beer. At 12% ABV, you wouldn't make it to the second half.

Scaldis Noel, 12% ABV: Expecting a dark, rich toasted brown color. Nope. Rather, it's a golden amber color. Little to no head retention, I'm not sure if I have poured a beer or a spirit here...

Sweet malt, toasted grains, nuts, caramel, and a slight touch of nose-prickling heat. Golden brown sugar and caramel on the entry all the way with a touch of bitterness on the finish. Then comes the burn, that same telltale warming as one's first sip of scotch. Yep, this looks and drinks more like a spirit than a beer.  And believe me, the baby 8 oz bottle this comes in is all you need.

Pull this brew out with your friends, share, and definitely discuss. Would love to hear your thoughts...

Until next time,

Seek out interesting beers like this one, and as always, Drink Craft Beer.


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