Supplicate This..

There is something about Russian River beers...EVERY time I drink one, I have an experience. Sounds hokey? Maybe. But truthfully, I do. I can remember each and every instance when I had Supplication, Consecration, Pliny the Elder, and others. Each time, I think, "Oh, I've had this before, it's wonderful, but I know what to expect." And EACH time, I have the same "Ohhh man, this is SOOO good" experience. Just check out my first time with Batch # 1.

The sensations, both physical and mental, are stunningly similar to ones I have when drinking exceptional wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Northern Italy. Their COMPLEXITY is what I believe sets Russian River Brewing apart from the crowd.  Sticking your happy smeller in the glass one moment produces a different set of aromas than the one before.  This makes me one happy beer girl.

Russian River Supplication (brown ale aged in Pinot Noir barrels) 7% ABV: This beer, as the label educates, takes over a year to make. And with the use of Pinot barrels, it's no surprise I liken it to a wine! On the nose, sweet and sour yeast dough, apple cider, herbs, and freshly fallen leaves (makes me think of my ol' home state of North Carolina, and riding on the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway in October, with that wonderful autumnal smell of leaves, wood, and air) Ahhh.

On the palate, sour, Rainier, and Acerola cherries, alongside oak and white wine grape(think of the fresh crispness of a Sauvignon Blanc). It's delicious folks. Every single time. Like the Consecration, it's wonderfully complex and interesting. So put it on your life list of beers. Now.


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