Back to Life!!!

Greetings my beer friends and fellow craft brew lovers!!! I've been absent, I know....Your beer girl had to take a break after my 100 Belgians in 30 days challenge, drink some champagne, AND work on some secret projects...which will be revealed in the upcoming months....

But when I learned one of my favorite watering holes, TapRoom had 3 sours on draught, I knew it was time for a triumphant return. And what better beer to bring me back to life and usher in the Summer of Saisons and Sours but the ONE, the ONLY......Consecration from Russian River Brewing Co.!!

Russian River Consecration (Ale aged in Cabernet barrels with currants) 10% ABV: Mmmm, truly one of the best beers ever created. Thank you Vinnie. A veritable love fest of cherries, both black Morello and bushels worth of sour; red and black currants, dark plums (think of the Umezuke and Umeboshi plums in Japanese cuisine-Mmm tangy, pickled, sour goodness!), balsamic vinegar, hints of vanilla and tobacco, and lots of oak and woody notes. It's just downright delicious. From beginning to end, it doesn't fail to please your nose and palate.

But there's a sliiight catch...This beer is to sours what Muhammed Ali was to boxing. In other words, it floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. While most sours tend to hover around 6 % ABV (think Rodenbach Grand Cru and New Belgium's La Folie), Consecration chuckles in the face of a single digit.

If you have not had the distinct pleasure of having Consecration, especially on tap, put in on your life list, and then write me when you drink it. You may not call it sacred, but it will definitely leave an impression. On a grilled cheese. I can't wait to hear your thoughts....

Happy Summer of Saisons and Sours everyone!


Posted on July 6, 2010 and filed under Uncategorized.