Pints and Pin-ups!

Lots of events coming up beer lovers! While I wish EVERY ONE of you could come to these fun-filled and charitable festivities, I have yet to perfect the multi-city Beer Charity event. But just wait friends, one day. It's on my life list. In the meantime, if you live in San Diego, you MUST come to one of these incredible 100 beers. 30 days. attended events:

May 16: Blind Lady Ale House Food Drive for San Diego Food Bank

May 17: KEGS for CANS: SD Tap Room's Belgian Beer Rollout & Food Drive

May 20: PINTS for PARKINSON'S : Pacific Beach Ale House Fundraiser featuring Erik Jensen's Belgian-inspired brews.

May 29: Saison Saturday: Dr. Bill puts 7 Saisons on draft at Stone Brewing Co. Come celebrate with me as I near the finish line!

CHECK OUT the EVENTS tab of the blog for more details!

Onto the beers...The first two I enjoyed at SD Tap Room, while meeting with wonderfully talented photographer, Blair Robb. While looking at the proofs from my photo shoot, we munched on the delicious Apple Walnut Salad, and sipped on a few tasty brews...

BEER #40

Whirlwind Wit (Witbier) 5%ABV: A more Belgian, yeasty nose than I expected! White pepper, dry nutmeg and spice aromas. On the palate, it reminds me of a slurry. I know that sounds bizarre, but stay with me...think about a slurry you make for pottery, but with yeast and bread dough starter.  What this means to you, is that there is a subtle texture to the beer that remains on the tongue, a perceptible yeastiness. A very drinkable, sessionable Belgian offering from Victory. For those that want a little more yeast punch to their Witbier.

BEER #39

Stone Cali-Belgique (Hoppy Belgian) 6.8% ABV: Lots of lavender and sweet floral aspects on the nose. Notes of tropical fruit(think mango) and citrus. Add to that a dose of vanilla wafer. Interesting! This was served very cold, and needed to warm up a bit. It has that definitive Stone hop kick, with an herb and citrus hop-happy palate.

Despite some Belgian yeastiness, Cali-Belgique hits you with a big drying finish, and makes you thirsty. Or is that just me wanting more beer? I liked this beer much more as it warmed, as the aromas and flavors became more seamless and unified. This is definitely an intriguing hybrid of Belgium meets California.

BEER #38

Witkap-Pater Tripel: 7.5% ABV: Lovely, fruity esters. Yellow tropical fruits of pineapple, banana, and one of my favorite fruits on the planet, Champagne mango! Freshly cut herbs. Lemon.You know that wonderful, fresh aroma when you slice lemons on cutting board before squeezing them into to that special dish? This a well balanced beer, that paired nicely with my citrus, seafood stuffed salmon.Vibrant, refreshing and goes down sooo easy! Would like to have again.

On the last pour, I did the swirl and pour of the yeast. The nose and palate become a tropical fruit tart, with that wonderful culinary juxtaposition of the fruit and the freshly baked dough. Definitely give this beer a try!


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