Vampire roses make for a messy Valentine's Day...

My Bloody Valentine.  Is it?

a. A Irish band from the 80's

b. an 80's slasher film later redone in 3D in 2009

c. a song by Good Charlotte

Well, folks, it's all of the above, but this is a beer blog...

Alesmith My Bloody Valentine: Medium brown-red color with almost violet highlights. Dried grasses and rose petals on the nose.  A hint of straw, but no trace of the barnyard commonly associated with straw.  Think more wild field stalks. On the palate, rosewater.  Anyone who has EVER had a vial/jar of rosewater knows exactly what I mean.

The further you make your way into the pint, the more intense the aromas and flavors.  By the time you reach the 1/3 full level, you are singing "Ring around the roses"  and chewing on petals. Imagine Pollyana in her ribbon-wrapped hat and dropwaist dress with a basket full of fresh herbs and flowers, and there you have it.  That's the smell AND the taste.

DEFINITELY interesting and would highly recommend trying it.


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